Enjoy a new visual management experience.

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How can the team be expected to win if they don’t know the score?

Visual Management is a proven Lean tool to support and sustain your businesses continuous improvement programme

Visual management lets the team know exactly what’s important, and what the business cares about most; it empowers the team to focus on the goals needed to win and shows everyone in a work area why their work matters.


“That which is measured improves. That which is measured and reported improves exponentially.”

— KARL PEARSON, founder of modern statistics



As a pioneer in data story learning, we have come to believe that dashboards have to go beyond the on-board smartphone app to become real data visual management tools.
From the smallest device, the smartphone, to the largest, the image wall, we give our customers a unique experience that improves performance and transforms organisations.


In your pocket, you have the relevant indicators to drive your business and make the right decisions..

With your computer, you will be able to explore the data to identify the insights you lack.

An image wall gives you a comprehensive overview of your company's activity and rallies the support of your employees.


Micro learning & gamification

In partnership with Snack Learning Academy, we integrate micro-learning and gamification features at the heart of our apps. Users train and improve their skills by consulting the indicators.

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