Digital transformation


The Chief Digital Officer wanted a system for measuring the digital transformation of the company, understanding bottlenecks and personifying it.


Our approach:

We deployed our proprietary methodology, developed by our chairman Gilles Babinet, to determine what we needed to measure. It identified the key milestones of the digital transformation and the indicators to be monitored. Depending on the sector of activity, it weighs up the significance of the indicators.

We then sought the most appropriate medium for educating users about the digital transformation by interviewing the main departments of our client.

During the course of one sprint, a squad working on site with the client developed an app and some totem displays in the form of interactive screens that monitor the digital transformation.

The deliverable:

We delivered:

  • an app on the digital transformation;
  • totems that have been installed in the company's main departments and the corporate restaurant of the head office.

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated

  • one consultancy director; 
  • one full stack developer;
  • one UX designer.

The investment was less than €60,000.