Human Resources


A human resources department wanted a visual management tool to plan the employment and skills management tasks in the dual context of the digital transformation and the prevention of occupational stress.


Our approach:

Following a two-week period of immersion, we conducted a data marathon. For 48 hours, we shut ourselves away with some developers, the human resources teams and the general management. Rather than starting with the data concerned or the regulatory constraints, we looked at the issues concerning the development of the job functions and skills. We were able to “draft” the basic needs tailored to the strategy of the company.

Using this draft, we created two squads:

  • the first had to collect the data needed to make the system function
  • the second had the task of transforming the draft plan into an operational visual management product

In order to gain a better understanding of the client's needs, the second squad conducted its work within the human resources department.

The deliverable:

The first squad was able to identify, collect and synchronise the internal data. It enhanced the latter with external data from LinkedIn and e-learning platforms. 

The second squad delivered an operational product with

  • employment and skills management planning indicators;
  • an alert module for detecting weak signals of occupational stress in employee behaviour;
  • a "what if scenario" module for creating predictive scenarios of the training and recruitment needs.

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated

  • two data-scientists;
  • two full stack developers;
  • one UX designer.

The investment was less than €120,000.