Information Systems Management


An information systems department wanted to make its employees realise that they needed to change their work methods and show the business units that they were engaged in an extensive process of digital transformation.


Our approach:

We conducted an immersion phase by interviewing the staff of all of the sub-divisions and five job functions of the IS department. Following these interviews, we decided with the client to create two datawalls in the form of a "box to be broken". The first was for internal use within the IS department and the second was to be used by the business unit. 

We presented both solutions to the IS department and repeated them during a series of four workshops. At the end of the second workshop, we decided to transform the wall for the business units into an application to show them the forecast of the services, the use of the IT tools by employees and customers and the roadmap currently being developed.

One squad completed two sprints to modify the datawall and the application using the feedback from the workshops.

At the end of two sprints, we had a Minimum Viable Product. We needed an extra sprint to put it into production.

The deliverable:

The Squad has delivered

  • an app for the business units so that they can view the quality of service and the use of IT tools in production and follow the development of the IT roadmap.
  • a datawall installed at the heart of the IS department which presents their activities and monitors the transformation of IT practices.

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated

  • one consultancy director;
  • 2 full stack developers;
  • one UX designer.

The investment was less than €80,000.