Human Resources


The operations department of an industrial agribusiness wants to improve its quality of performance with a system for supervising its operations from production to sales.


Our approach:

We conducted a data marathon and shut away six employees from the industrial department, sales department and finance department for 48 hours. By way of a group therapy session, we started working on the issues that kept the employees from sleeping at night rather than the existing data or tools. Together, we designed the visual management tool that the employees were dreaming of to improve operational performance.

The task of the squad was to see how the employees' dream solution coped with the real-life situation of the information systems and the available data. And to try to find workaround solutions.

At the end of the first sprint we had a vision of the work that needed to be done to complete this system and the workaround strategies that we could put in place.

At the end of the third sprint we had a Minimum Viable Product that we got the client to test for two months.

At the end of these two months we completed a fourth sprint which allowed us to develop the product further.

The deliverable:

We delivered the tool with 84% of the features that the staff had hoped for.

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated

  • one consultancy director; 
  • one CTO;
  • two full stack developers;
  • one UX designer.

The investment was less than €115,000