Retail Bank


The customer marketing Department of a regional bank needed to review its customer segmentation in order to make its commercial campaigns relevant in relation to the different types of customer.

In other words, this involved improving the structure of the client portfolios so that the customer advisers can more easily identify the customers with a high potential.


Our approach:

Following a two-week strategic immersion phase, we constructed two multi-disciplinary squads with our client:

  • A squad in charge of reviewing the customer base by evaluating the existing segmentation in order to quickly highlight customer events for which a prototype is available in the visual management system; 
  • A Squad to work on the methods used by the agency advisers, their current practices for booking appointments, the obstacles and the potential levers that can be used to give the position a genuine advisory role in relation to their customers.

These two squads worked for 4 weeks in an agile environment, i.e. two 2-week sprints with a 1-week break between the two sprints.

The deliverable:

The Client Squad delivered

  • a product for viewing new customer segments with a high potential upsell;
  • a portfolio of customers whose digital behaviour is advanced and who are drawn to a remote banking offer

The Adviser Practices Squad delivered two visual management products:

  • A mobile app for the regional director and a datawall that can be used in business meetings.
  • A mobile app that each adviser can use to view the impact of their commercial activity

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated

  • one bank and insurance manager;
  • two data-scientists;
  • one full stack developer;
  • one UX designer.

The investment was less than €60,000.