Sales management


A sales department wanted to give its sales staff a performance management tool for identifying best practices, carrying out challenges and providing a reliable forecasting model of conversion rates..


Our approach:

In our opinion, the context is of utmost importance, given its significant effect on the concepts. In contrast to sales techniques that incite sales representatives to ask closed questions, we deployed an open methodology for understanding the sales model.

To understand how the data is accessed, created and shared, we set up workshops for each key stage of the sales cycle.

We chose to integrate the sellers within our creative process.

We completed three 15-day sprints with breaks of one month to get as much feedback from the field as possible.

The deliverable:

The Squad delivered an app that the sales staff can use to: 

  • compare their performance levels and complete challenges;

  • see on Google Maps where customers and prospective customers are located;

  • gain access to prospective customers who are on the move;

  • have a predictive model based on the actions performed (call, meeting, quote) by the sales

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated

  • one UX designer.

  • two developers

The investment was less than €60,000.

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