Transport network


A transport network operator wanted to use its available data to review the supervision methods by breaking up the organisation's silo mentality.


Our approach:

We started with a 4-week strategic immersion phase where we shared in the day-to-day activities of the people who generated the data, from the maintenance staff to the sales representatives, including those involved in the anti-fraud and supervision operations.

Then we carried out a data marathon. For two days, we shut ourselves away with eight employees from eight different departments. By setting up a series of gamification workshops, we revised the practices using the everyday problems encountered by its employees as the basis for our work rather than the organisational constraints.

We formed a squad of four people who developed supervisory solutions during the data marathon starting with mini User Stories.

Each sprint was marked by a two-week break during which our customers could test the solutions and provide us with feedback.

The deliverable:

The squad delivered

  • a visual management tool that provides an overview of a multimodal network with data that comes from outside the company (weather, road traffic, events)
  • a measuring stick for assessing the risk of passenger discomfort on board heavy transport systems based on the density (weighing data) and the temperature inside the trains (data used for maintenance)
  • an app that travellers can use to find out whether the trains arriving at the station are full or empty.

The team:

For this assignment, we allocated the following people during the course of 4 sprints

  • one "public transport" consultant;
  • one data-scientist;
  • two full stack developers.

The investment was less than €125,000.