Datawar: Power to marketing directors

It has been a long long time since we last posted about our product development. A lot of people have been questioning us to know where we stand as a company.

Actually it is pretty good to see that things have been moving steadily the past two quarters. First we have considerably increased our team size. From 3 people at the beginning of the year, we are now almost twenty. It is fair to say that most of these people are product dev. team, as we have a huge product challenge to deal with. As you may know, what we intend to do is a strange alchemy of big data, interactive design and data-visualization. Technically speaking, it means HTML 5, Hadoop backed-end solution plus a touch of SQL Server in between. In conceptual terms, BigData, OpenData, Datavisualization + friendliness are our key Mantras (we recitate that every morning). No need to say that that this gathering of concepts seems just wired to anyone who has some experience in the Business Intelligence field.

But the most important is probably somewhere else : we have been really stunned to see that what we have been saying since almost two years is now a reality. DataSynchronisation is about to become hype (it doesn't come in the Wired hype index yet though) as most companies are starting to realize that they have lost ground with their data ; therefore, the notion of BigData is becoming increasingly a key topic for them.

In all of the conferences that we attended on the topic, we have seen that most companies admit that their have huge difficulties to manage their data. Privately they confesse that the most common request (compare the price on two items, one from the company another from a competitor) doesn't get answered easily from their ERP or IT systems. Handling data -visualizing it- in itself is an issue, but handling bigdata has become a simple nightmare, especially for big corporation as it is commonly admitted that a large fortune 500 company generally creates several Petabytes of data every... day.

Reversely, being able to use these data is the way to give back to innovation and marketing the control of companies. If you could visualise exactly what is at stake, you would most certainly take the right decision ; but until marketing directors are able to do it, their are condemned to rely on some sort of "magic thinking management" which is more of a mystic than a rational decision process. This explain probably why Marketing Director is the position with the highest turnover of all types ; in average, this type of position is renewed every.... 18 Months.

This is why we truly believe in our approach: making things simple in a complexe data world. Our product is just about to be released and people will be able to experience in no time whether it is pure fluff or real breakthrough. On that side, we are more inclined to believe in the 2nd affirmation...