Get in on the Action!!

CaptainDash recently rocketed onto two new social media websites: Foursquare and Pinterest. We’ve added these sites to our online community because we know that different social networks offer different experiences and we are committed to reaching out to as many people as possible. As you probably know, we are already established on Facebook and Twitter, but Foursquare and Pinterest add a new dynamic to the CaptainDash community.

Pinterest was founded by Iowan Ben Silbermann and launched in 2010. For those of you who aren’t familiar with the rapidly-growing phenomenon, it is a pinboard-style social media website that allows individuals to post images they enjoy into various categories. Users “follow” one another to keep up with specific friends and topics of interest, re-pinning, or re-posting, images to build their own collections.

Captain Dash has begun to post images under different categories, including datavisualization, infographics, big data, superheroes, and more. How in the world can that be interesting to look at, let alone follow, you ask? Once you check it out, you’ll see that these topics are more interesting than you might imagine. Not to mention, we’re not just interested in the technical side of things. Click on different infographics boards and learn more about the world around us in just a few seconds - you might be surprised! Politics, maps, food, movies, music - you name it, we’re interested in it, so there’s a little bit of something for everyone. Of course, we’re still just beginner pinners, so suggestions are more than welcome.

Foursquare is a location-based social media site, created in 2009 by Dennis Crowley and Naveen Selvadurai. If you don’t already know, users of Foursquare can “check-in” at different locations, which allows friends to keep track of each other and learn about new places to visit. Users are awarded different points for different check-ins based off of a variety of different criteria, creating an atmosphere of friendly competition. Additionally, the individual who checks-in at a location most frequently becomes the Mayor of that location. Right now, CaptainDash is the Mayor of CaptainDash Headquarters in Paris, where we’re putting the finishing touches on the application software. We encourage anyone who works there or comes to visit to check in as well.

CaptainDash will be on the move often, travelling across the globe in search of the latest news on datavisualization, big data, and social media marketing to keep you informed. The Captain will be attending many events this summer as well as visiting places where the fathers of datavisualization have lived, worked, and changed the course of history.

We are excited to launch these two websites and work with CaptainDash users in new and dynamic ways. The sites are up and running, but please keep in mind that posting is in its primary phase. However, when you become friends with CaptainDash, we have the opportunity to grow and explore with you. Make sure you become friends with the Captain on Foursquare to see where he zooms off to next and follow “CaptainDash” on Pinterest to give your mind a break, look at pictures and possibly learn something new!

Here is the link for the CaptainDash Foursquare account:

Here is the link for the CaptainDash Pinterest account: