Calling All Superheroes!!

Fellow Superheroes- It is that time of year again when we come together for a celebration of comics, fantasy, and science fiction; it is time for Comic Con’ 2012! This annual event was initially held at the Paris-Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center in 2007 as Kultima, with only 18,000 visitors attending. Since then, however, the event has grown in popularity, with over 173,000 people attending in 2010. In 2009, the name of the event was officially switched from Kultima to Comic Con’ to represent the famous convention that occurs in the United States.

Comic Con’ 2012 will once again be held at the Paris-Nord Villeprine Exhibition Center from Thursday, July 5th to Sunday July 8th. This year there are plenty of attractions for visitors of all tastes! For those of you interested in science fiction, make sure you check out the Dr. Who panel. Four members of the crew- including Toby Haynes who directed some of the episodes- will be there to answer to answer your questions on what goes on behind the scenes of this hit show. You can also go see the French debut of the documentary “The Captains.” This documentary directed by and featuring the famous William Shatner- or Captain Kirk- goes through and talks with all of the famous captains from Star Trek, including Patrick Stewart and Chris Pine who played James Kirk in the recent Star Trek movie.

Those of you more interested in fantasy have the opportunity to meet Magali Villeneuve, an illustrator who draws works of art for The Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, and the popular new HBO fantasy show- Game of Thrones. You can also go meet and get your picture taken with Emun Elliot, recently seen in Prometheus and Game of Thrones, at this year’s event. Furthermore,  he has been cast in Labyrinth, a miniseries which will debut this year.

I for one plan on spending most of my time visiting the Superhero exhibits. On Sunday, there is an event called “Can we create a good superhero series?” that I will be sure to attend. I believe I’ve got a couple of ideas on superheroes to add to the conversation. I’m also going to go and meet Ivan Reis, the Brazilian illustrator who has depicted Aquaman, Superman, and the Green Lantern. Maybe, I can even get him to start drawing some Captain Dash comics!

Regardless of the type of entertainment you prefer, there will be plenty to do at Comic Con’ 2012. Make sure you log on to the events website,, to find the times of different events. You can also find the entrance fees for different days, and look into other exhibits you would like to go to. And who knows, maybe you’ll just see your favorite Captain there.

As always, The Captain