A closer look at the CaptainDash team

Sometimes the easiest way to understand a concept is to hear it explained as simply as possible. Today at CaptainDash, we had the pleasure of filming a short video a which will be produced by Micro-documentaries. The Microsoft BizSpark One program has been a great supporter during this filming process, which has captured the real story of CaptainDash and its team, including what we do and our overall mission. Bruno Walther, our CEO and founder of CaptainDash, discussed our goal to create a data synchronization tool that can help marketers manage their data and improve market efficiency. He ran OgilvyOne in France and decided that he wanted to explore the power of data synchronization further. In particular, he discussed our belief that information should be shared in order to support open societies. In Tunisia, for example, pioneers are building an ecosystem around big data to sustain the recent revolution. We fully support this shift toward a more open and fair world and appreciate the great work produced by the people in our Tunisian office.

You can probably already guess, but data is at the heart of everything we do, and that will be clear in our new micro-documentary. With different people, from data scientists to designers, working together, we are able to devise a new way of thinking about marketing.

Stay tuned over the next few weeks for the release of our micro-documentary! Visit www.micro-documentaries.com to discover more.

- The Captain