CaptainDash Beta V6 on the windows store

This week, our small startup have crossed a major milestone while releasing on the W8 application store its new CaptainDash application. This release is a major one to us as it includes the very core of what our team of 30 people has been sweating on over the past 2 years. First, CaptainDash now relies completely on a strong BigData solution. Everything you would see or do on Captaindash is coming out of our Hadoop / Hbase development. As such we think that we are one of the very fist application letting common people manipulate numbers with these quite recent technologies. Secondly we have now started to release some of our data connectors. In this version, there are Twitter, Google Analytics, Facebook, Foursquare as well as Atlas (the Microsoft ad-serving solution). As long as you have some login and passwords from these platforms, you can use CaptainDash, compare how you perform on any of these social sites and match it against your advertisement campaigns on Atlas. You can also compare your social stats against the ones of your competitors.We also have finalized the user-experience and the Captain is now up and ready so get your stats experience the smoothest you'd ever dreamt of. We would love to hear from you about CaptainDash, we believe that there are few software that are that peculiar in the BI / Analytics space (it was a pain to get Microsoft application store door keeper to understand that we are a business solution software!) . Feel free to feetback either directly or via the rating page on the W8 store. Anything you would think of to make your statistic and datavisualization life simplier is of interest to us. Have a very good Dashboard Journey !

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