Superpowers galore!

Let’s be honest- all of you out there without extraordinary abilities wish that you had a superpower, let alone multiple ones. But have you noticed how your favorite superheroes all seem to have more than one awesome trait that allows them to fight evil? Well your favorite masked marketer is no different. And though it would seem that I have some unique abilities, my powers are actually not that different from a hero in a comic book. Let’s take a look at what abilities I possess and which of my crime-fighting allies also possess these traits! X-ray Vision: This is without a doubt the most important superpower in my arsenal. I, Captain Dash, give your marketers the ability to see straight through complex data. Using Big Data capabilities I can take your internal data and develop results that will show various correlations between factors. This will allow your company to increase its business greatly, and who wouldn’t like that?

Heroes with same ability: Superman, Ariella Kent

Super-intelligence: Yes, I have the ability to x-ray vision through your data and show you results, but I also possess extreme intelligence that gives your marketers incredible new insights. Not only do I look at your internal data when drawing my conclusions, but I also look at extensive amounts of external factors that affect the results as well.These exogenous factors include weather, gas prices, stock markets, and the time of year. These factors can potentially affect a consumer’s decision by up to 45% so my intelligence with these factors is incredibly important to your business.

Heroes with the same ability: Batman, Professor X

Flight: By taking advantage of my other abilities you’re company will also gain the ability to fly. The results that I give you will cause your business to rocket up to the next level. Furthermore, by having the Captain Dash advantage, you will be able to soar above the competition increasing sales greatly!

Heroes with the same ability: Banshee, Wasp

Now that you have a further understanding of my superpowers, now it’s your turn to gain extraordinary abilities. By getting the Captain Dash application, your marketers will also have superpowers allowing your business a better chance of success. Make sure you check out my website to learn more and to get a preview of our application set to debut with Microsoft 8 on October 26th!

The Masked Marketer, Captain Dash