Fathers of datavisualization: David McCandless 1970-


David McCandless is a world renowned data-journalist and information designer from England. Based out of London, McCandless surprisingly started out his career writing for different video game magazines such as “Your Sinclair” and “PC Zone.” He later moved to working for London newspaper, “The Guardian”- where he still occasionally posts as a guest on their datablog.

McCandless is best known for using info-graphics to explore new potentials for journalism. His discoveries have led to his blog and book both entitled “Information is Beautiful.” His data-visualizations covered a wide variety of topics from politics to trends in popular culture. In a review of McCandless’ book, Chris Bilton noted that it’s not necessarily the topics covered in the info-graphics that make them anything special but rather” the way in which, for many of these charts, there's considerably more than meets the eye."

McCandless is lucky enough to have some of his works displayed in the Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in New York City as well as the Wellcome Trust Gallery and Tate Britain in London.  You can find links to some of his works below, and if you are in New York or London make sure to check out his data-visualizations!