The History of Superheroes

Nowadays everyone is familiar with the popular superheroes like Ironman and Spider-man. Furthermore, everyone has their own opinion of which superhero is best- even though we all know its Banshee from X-men. It’s hard to imagine a world without Gotham City or Metropolis, but it wasn’t that long ago that these legends were first being created. The momentum for superhero picked up a few years after the unveiling of Superman during World War II. Common stories of good defeating evil and democracy toppling fascism were essential for domestic morale at the time and led to substantial increases in production as well as characters. Particularly, the introduction of patriotic characters such as Captain America and Wonder Woman was common at this time and perpetuated superheroes’ popularity. Even if a superhero wasn’t explicitly patriotic, they often fought villains associated with Germany and fascism, such as Captain Nazi and Baron Von Blitzschlag.

Furthermore, superheroes were often used in war time propaganda such as war bond ads. As the U.S. shifted from fighting in World War II to the Cold War, the popular superheroes reflected this, fighting communist villains instead of Nazis. Particularly, Captain America’s arch enemy Red Skull proceeded from being a Nazi in Hitler’s Germany to a communist in Soviet Russian.

I, Captain Dash, am fighting my own particular adversary to democracy, of sorts. I am a vocal proponent of the open data movement which is founded on the principal that data belongs to all people, much like freedom. Therefore, I have made it a goal of mine to promote this revolution as it progresses. I also wield the ability to give others, particularly marketers, superpowers to x-ray their company’s data. This means that they are able to break free from the burdens that excessive and confusing data create.

With the end of the cold war, superheroes have since turned to the plethora of mad scientists and shape-shifting brutes that seem to exist in the States, but it is clear that the initial goal of superheroes was to protect democracy from the Nazis and communists that sought to harm her. As such, I will continue to fight for open data and arm marketers with the ability to free themselves from the captivity of overwhelming statistics and time-consuming reporting.

Faithfully yours, The Captain