Comparing A and B data : the real challenge

Internet has really changed so many aspects of our daily life that it is sometimes hard to remember how we made things some years ago. Searching, buying, writing, creating are some of the few things that we can do better, faster and smarter today on the web.

Surprisingly, there is a a space where there are little changes in our life with the internet. That is about dealing with data and especialy with comparing it.

Some would say that the Internet is actually very good at comparing data... Price Comparators are great when it is about buying a fly-ticket, or to rent a car, and we would not argue with this. The point is about comparing -matching actually- data that are different. Take location and data for instance ;  that is a good example. Location and any type of data: A real estate price versus a location, the groundwater level of pollution at a country scale, or the price of gas in the 15 miles range around where you live. There are limitless example of that.


Indeed, you may find a website that make ONE of these things, but you would not find a generic place -such as a search engine- that would do ALL of these things as a one stop shopping place.

An utopia?  Technicaly unfeasible? Surprisingly, there are limited barriers to such innovation. Data, which is often seen as the key bootleneck are largely accessible as it was pointed out by a piece in The Economist. It seems that there is more of a mental or conceptual barriers at stake. "Dealing with data is boring and making data simple is therefore impossible" seems to be the common thought.