Rumor has it!

Recently, rumor has it (Petitweb and FrenchBaguette not to mention them!) that Captain Dash was on the verge of being acquired by Microsoft. We are deeply honored because it shows that, a week after being awarded the IBM Smartcamp  for Europe, we are more than never on the hot spot.

Unfortunately for some of you we have to deny this rumor. Neither Gilles Babinet, nor Bruno Walther intends to sell the company because they do believe they still have major breakthrough to bring in on the Big Data/ Dashboards market.

These two guys have already shown their capacity to make huge exits but this time they feel they are on the edge of making something really BIG that is going to radically change the way people do marketing. This is one of the reason why they won't sell the company at this stage.

I, the Captain, I am therefore sorry to announce I will keep bothering you as an independent superhero for quite some time. Get Ready!

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