2013 : The future looks bright!

Happy New Year from Captain Dash! With a new year come new trends, new predictions, and new opportunities. This is especially true for Big Data and its implications for marketers. According to IBM, 90% of all data has been created just within the past two years. This statistic, besides being staggering, means that all of this data needs to be analyzed into decision-influencing information, and soon. The future of productivity for businesses, both small and large, lies in their ability to utilize all of the data they receive in meaningful and insightful ways. However, a large percentage of business executives don’t know how to use their data. In fact, some say they are completely CLUELESS as to how to harness these petabytes of data flowing into their company and turn them into successful marketing campaigns. According to an infographic from theatlantic.com, almost a third of marketing executives haven’t adopted technology relating to customer analytics. As a big data and customer analytics superhero, I’m thinking in 2013, more and more marketing executives will realize that this particular aspect of marketing is extremely important.

2013 is bringing big things and something tells me that the entire world of marketing and technology will not only change completely, but become more intertwined than ever. Even now, CMOs and CIOs are being named the power players of the C-Suite, according to IBM. That is just one predictor for a very interesting and very innovative new year. Everybody hang on!

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