This is the year of the CMO

I give superpowers to marketers, right? So what's a  better way than discovering what they want, what they need, and giving it to them? The answer is, there is no better way!

A recent article in illustrates the Top 5 CMO Resolutions for 2013. No, they're not to hit the gym, or recycle, or find romance. CMOs have different priorities.

The CMO resolutions are as follows:

Innovate, Communicate, and Attract through trans-media marketing. This means CMOs want to be able to market across multiple devices and platforms. The cohesive strategy is the one that will gain the most satisfied customers and the most reach.

Think Content Marketing rather than hard-sell and advertising. The whole ensemble of marketing tools need to be utilized-- not just advertisements and social media profiles, but whitepapers, product packaging, manuals, videos, etc. All media that can reach your target audience? Use it.

Understand and use big data and analytics wisely. Now this is my favorite because this is where I come in. Data is abundant, we all know that - the important thing is to be able to analyze and interpret in a way that can actually be useful. The article says, "It's about an easy-to-use, fast to load, even faster to understand and analyze dashboard that gives you a bird's eye view and allows you to dig deeper." The Captain agrees.

Let go of the numbers-fixation (especially with social media) and start measuring. Don't rely solely on numbers, despite their analytical potential. Marketers need to focus on the most lead-generating material and stick with that, instead of trying every medium out there.

And finally, integrate offline and online marketing media with consistent brand messaging. There is nothing more important in marketing than cohesion, and without consistency across all marketing formats, the message will be lost and any data that you receive wont be consistent across all forms.

So there you have it folks. The 2013 resolutions of CMOs.  Lucky for them, 2013 is the year they'll get their wish.