The Captain Needs YOU!

If you have been living under a rock, you probably don't know that Captain Dash has been nominated for site of the year. You probably haven't seen the countless amounts of Tweets, Facebook posts, Google + blasts, or general hooplah surrounding our campaign to become the Site of the Year. And so, for you rock-dwellers, I bring you this blog post, reminding you of our feat, and imploring you to vote for us.

Less than 2 days remain to vote, and Captain Dash has surpassed its competitors to nab the #2 spot, behind MoMA's site. Captain Dash poured his heart and soul into making our site as beautiful as it is, and it rings true with the Captain's personality and imagination.

Voting is super simple : just go to this link : , find Captain Dash, and hit "Like."

We give superpowers to you, but now its time for you to give your superpower of voting to us!