Do you have BI on your BI?

We know the value of Business Intelligence : BI is Captain Dash's bread and butter. But how does a company measure the intelligence of their business intelligence? How can one measure the effectiveness of their BI? How do you know if your BI structure is high-performing?

These are important questions when it comes to choosing a BI professional / company to help your own BI, because these professionals need to take their own advice and perfect their own BI before trying to consult on the BI of other companies. It's important when choosing a BI vendor. One of the metrics that a Forrester blog post mentions is for dashboard providers : How many clicks within a dashboard does it take a user to find an answer to their question? That metric in particular is a great indicator of efficiency.

This is without a doubt an interesting article for us, and any other similar analytics / BI facilitator : how can we sell the prospect of enhanced business intelligence without being sure that our own is intelligent? By ensuring that our product remains intuitive, user-friendly, and accurate. Business intelligence leads to high-reward business decisions, and we want to champion that process.

Stay smart!

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