Site of the Year!

Captain Dash has been successfully voted as Site of the Year at This is an amazing honor and great recognition for our incredible graphic artist, Nicolas Rouyer!

So, in honor of this... honor... this blog post will be dedicated to new trends in webdesign. The competitors for the Site of the Year included such awesome websites as the New York Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) Century of the Child page,, and Bond Cars Evolution. All of these sites, including ours, feature elements that are, while simplistic, creatively interactive.

2013, as well as bringing fascinating new trends in all aspects of technology, will of course bring new web design trends. The number one trend, as reported by a vast amount of blogs, articles, and experts, is responsive design. What this means is that the best sites of 2013 will have simple to navigate pages that can be viewed just as simply on a variety of devices. You ever notice those websites that look great on your 17inch monitor and then you try to view them on your iPhone and you cant navigate at all? Yeah, that's the opposite of responsive web design.

Another trend, unsurprisingly, is the devolution of Flash. Many believed that Flash wasn't going anywhere, until the tablet market exploded and the demand for fast-loading, HTML-only sites exploded as well. According to a blog post at, there are many other technologies that can do what Flash did, i.e. HTML 5/CSS3, and Javascript.

There is a consensus on another trend as well : using large images for high-impact visuals. confirms, along with Webmasterview, that with the advent of high-resolution mobile screens as well as the trend for high-resolution desktop monitors, large images with crystal-clear quality will become the norm. Similar to large images is the trend of large buttons. Users have gone touch and tap crazy over the past few years, and that is due to increase.

And last, but not least, another huge trend for 2013 webdesign is minimalism. The overarching sentiment of internet users these days is exhaustion. As users of desktop and mobile platforms, we are oversaturated and desensitized to all of the colors, boxes, graphs, details, and general chaos of today's media. Many of the most revered sites and mobile apps nowadays are the ones that are the highest impact while remaining the simplest. To become a symbol of web brilliance, once needs to find a marriage between the two.

Once again, thank you to everybody that voted and helped us become Site of the Year. Expect in the next week or so a press release from In related (and ironic) news, we're working on a redesign of our website, so keep your eyes to the skies!

As always,

The Captain

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