Quantify your... wife?

Have you ever considered the Quantified Self movement as a.... couple's tool? Start considering, because the Quanitified Spouse is here.

The Quantified Self, if you forgot, is a movement in which people use data acquisition to track different aspects of their daily lives, such as caloric intake, how many miles jogged, amount of food consumed, etc. This has gotten easier with incredibly innovative technology advancements such as a fork that vibrates if you eat too quickly and sends your information wirelessly to an app. Or, a bracelet that sends your daily activity to the Nike cloud so you can reach your exercise goals.  And so, one can track, quantify, and collate their lives to get a better understanding of their bodies and their minds.

You're welcome for refreshing your memory!

The Huffington Post recently reported on a... shall we say... slightly upgraded version of the Quantified Self movement. Quantified Spouse. This progression, was helped into the mainstream by David Asprey, a Silicon Valley entrepreneur who is a very strict "Quantified Self-er." He, apparently, put himself on a... well... a very particular kind of diet. Read the article to find out more, but know that Asprey was measuring the effect of a certain something-something on his overall life satisfaction. Very interesting stuff.

As it turns out, Asprey didn't stop at his own body. He tracks the sleep paterns of himself and his wife using Zeo sleep bands. He encourages other husbands to track their wives ovulation cycles to detect patterns in their wives' happiness! As it turns out, other couples are catching on. Whenever two Quantified Selfers come together, there is sure to be some track-on-track action. These couples insist that data is an indispensable part of their relationship and that it takes out some of the personal emotions. It remains an objective third-party factor that can oftentimes help solve or even eliminate arguments altogether.

As if this trend could go any farther, there's more. Some couples use tracking to keep an eye on their spouses. For example, one woman utilizes the data collected from her WiFi connected scale to monitor her husband's weight gain when she's on a business trip. A husband uses his wife's sleep score to determine if he should be extra careful about what he says that day.  These couples contend that because the data removes the subjective emotions that can usually cloud judgment, the peace is kept in the relationship dynamics.

So we all know that Big Data and the data acquisition trend are here to stay. Can't really call it a trend if it's just going to continue growing...

But the question here is, how deeply will data permeate our lives? Just how accessible will it become? No doubt we will find the answer sooner rather than later...

As always,

The Captain

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