Big Data : Clairvoyant? or Blind?

light at the end of big data tunnel

A recent article published in Forbes, written by gyro President Rick Segal, is interestingly titled Big Data's Big Blind Spot. In a nutshell, the article explores the potential pitfalls of Big Data as well as the potential for Big Data to be just hype, hope, or hassle. Many CMOs think all three.

Big Data has been promoted and analyzed and revered by many, and in almost equal amounts, relegated to just a passing fad inspired by a particularly poignant buzz word. Now, at Captain Dash, we firmly stand with those ready to brace themselves for the ever-present digital revolution. However, we also promote the human element.

The article makes a fantastic point - in the end, Big Ideas trump Big Data, and more importantly, humanly relevant ideas. Big Data will help the world make history, but not before the world takes the reins of its own data outflows. This is no surprise of course, even our dashboards promote this idea; big data can give you the visualization and the tools you need, however it is up to the human element to actually make the connections in their minds and find the insights using their intelligence.

It might seem to many CMOs, or any person caught up in the maelström that is Big Data, that they're in a tunnel, surrounded by dataflows upon dataflows that they don't know how to control. The thing is, that with the right tools such as dashboards, aggregators, and various other innovative technologies that rein in the data, a person can get a handle on the chaos and make the most intelligent decisions they've ever made. The trick is to understand that the human insight is the most integral and fundamental block in dealing with Big Data. There is a light at the end of that chaotic tunnel.

Once we remember that we drive the data, and fully understand what it could mean for our future, we can start  to make history.

Data-fully yours,

Captain Dash