Post - IBM SmartCamp Interview with Captain Dash Founders

IBM Smartcamp

The IBM SmartCamp competition was one of the proudest moments for Captain Dash, hands down. To be able to participate in such a prestigious and illustrious event, in the heart of Midtown Manhattan, surrounded by intelligence and innovation- that was definitely a shining moment. Not to mention the amazing honor it was to win the People's Choice award in the competition. So it's no doubt that the Captain Dash founders were eager to share their reactions to the event. 

It must come as no surprise that the founders absolutely loved New York. Who wouldn't, right? However what was truly interesting was their takeaways from the competition. Captain Dash received extraordinary advice from the wonderfully skilled and intelligent team of mentors. The advice that stuck out to them though, was to remember that being French, they tend to glaze over topics such as the finances of their company or the financial portion of their business plan. So one mentor said, "You guys aren't in France anymore, so don't be afraid of the tax man."

Advice received is an integral part of a successful start-up's lifecycle. But, as our serial entrepreneur founders can tell you, this business will also produce many tidbits of advice that can be passed down to new entrepreneurs hoping to build their own successful companies.

Our founders have this piece of advice to share - "Don't be afraid of falling. Just remember when you were learning how to walk; it was all of the falls you experienced that taught you how to walk tall and proud today."

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Full Interview Transcript Captain Dash

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