Site of the Year Awwward

So it's official. 2013 is shaping up to be the best year ever. And we're only in February. How cool is that? What you see above is the official release of the Site of the Year award from AWWWARDS. To the right is our trophy, to the left is our plaque. Yeah. We know. AWESOME. 

Winning the Site of the Year 2012, winning the People's Vote Award in the IBM SmartCamp Competition. Launching our iPad app in March. Launching our fabulous new blog and website earlier this month. Landing unbelieveable clients. It's been incredible, and it's only going to continue being incredible.

Alright, enough of the self-ego-boost. Now its your turn. Do you know how great 2013 is going to be for you? Because it's not only reserved for the technology and software companies. Everybody will benefit for the revolution that will reveal itself this year. We call it the data revolution, others may call it the marketing revolution, and others may just call it a complete overhaul of how the world works.

Either way you slice it, that pizza pie of change is here. Just think about it- how many articles have we presented that predict radical change? From the CIO and CMO becoming the all-stars of the C-Suite to real-time marketing data analysis. From vibrating forks that send your cloud knowledge of your eating habits to the Quantified Self movement defining modern-day relationships.

Change is on our doorsteps, and it is up to us to usher it through.

Yours faithfully,

Captain Dash

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