New York City : Center of the Universe


New York City is the most famous city in the world. Yes, this is being written from Paris. Yes, Captain Dash loves Paris. But New York? That's where it's all happenin', man. After the IBM SmartCamp, we just knew that New York was where we wanted to end up. It just coincidentally happens to be the next huge tech hub of the planet. No big deal, or anything.

The Big Apple, The Empire City, The City That Never Sleeps, The World's Biggest Urban Playground, The Melting Pot, The Financial Capital Of The World

New York City

At the IBM SmartCamp, we met Mike Bloomberg. If you didn't know, Bloomberg is not only the mayor of New York City, but a genius entrepreneur with many successful ventures, including Bloomberg L.P, the gigantic multinational mass media corporation which provides solutions for financial data, solutions such as software and trading platforms. The man is very impressive, very intelligent, and an honest-to-goodness New Yorker. So it's no surprise that when we saw his article about making New York a world-class tech community, we had to discuss the power behind his words.

What do Buzzfeed, Foursquare, Etsy, Fab, Gilt, Kickstarter, Makerbot, PaperlessPost, Songza and Tumblr have in common? Like the world’s best pizza pies, they were all made in New York City.

BOOM. Might as well pack up the bags now, because if that's not proof enough that New York is success gold, nothing is. But Bloomberg goes on to list some pretty impressive facts, like

  1. The NY Metro area was #1 in job growth in the $20 billion mobile app industry.
  2. 2007-2011, the number of New Yorkers working in digital media companies grew by 80%
  3. Only region in the US, not Silicon Valley or Austin, to actually have an increase in venture capital funding in tech companies between 2007-2011

Because New York is run by a former tech startup entrepreneur, Bloomberg has made it his mission to make New York as startup-friendly as possible. We saw this network of positive reinforcement firsthand at IBM Smartcamp. So many out-of-this-world-intelligent mentors, and venture capitalists, not to mention a wonderfully-educated young work force ready and willing to grow with a brilliant startup. The business incubators in New York help to provide office space to over 500 companies, which together have raised $90 million in capital.

New York, according to one Sean Carter, aka Jay-Z, is a concrete jungle where dreams are made of; there's nothing you can't do. This concrete jungle is opening its doors and becoming exponentially more welcoming, and Captain Dash will hopefully soon become a permanent fixture in this growing technological mecca.