Big Data is USELESS...

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Big Data. You either love it or you hate it. Like the Star Wars prequels. Or licorice...

Either way, big data doesn't have to be the worst thing ever to happen to you. Too many marketers, managers, and IT professionals are Tweeting, Facebooking, and blogging about how much Big Data "is, like, the worst." 

Here at Captain Dash, we obviously disagree wholeheartedly, and thankfully this article at TLNT disagrees (to an extent) as well. Big Data will remain nothing but a buzzword until people start to PUT IT TO WORK. UTILIZE. UNDERSTAND. What's the point of letting big data just keep buzzing around you and your company if you're not going to snatch it out of the air and make it work for you? It will probably be your most profitable employee. Big Data's favorite form of salary? Analytics. And a required bonus? Human insight. Put it all together and you have a long-standing match made in heaven.

If you Google search the sentence "I hate big data," some results will include articles titled Why We Need To Kill Big Data, and Fanning The Flames Of Big Data

Why all the hate? Don't hate, correlate! Seriously, though. Sure, the word has been used so much that the babies of data scientists say it as their first words, but hate the name, not the game. Big data is unbelievably useful to any company, and any individual. Instead of lamenting the sheer mass of data waiting to be analyzed, just start analyzing. There is a myriad of tools out there to help you. Tools that help with analytics, tools that help with organization, services that help with collection, organizations that help with data management. The trick is to find the services that work for you. Big data will forever remain an annoying fly buzzing around us until we understand what it can do for us.

One of the biggest misconceptions of big data is that it will remove the human element from business interactions. That "insight" refers to the results gleaned from a computer algorithm. Well, no offense to whoever thinks that way, but HUH?! The human element, especially in marketing, will forever decide the difference between mathematically sound decisions and inspired, discerning, and shrewd decisions. So it's time to stop being afraid of obsolescence resulting from big data, and start accepting the value and back-up that big data can provide. Humans make oustanding decisions all the time. Reinforce those outstanding decisions with big data-corroborated facts? Big win.

So try not to pay too much attention to "big data" as a phrase. It's a label that stuck. Perhaps it's misleading and an inadequate description of a veritable phenomenon, but that is irrelevant to how this phenomenon will change our world. You could call it "OMGDATA" and it would still be lifechanging. Hate the name, love the game.

Faithfully yours,

Captain Dash