Captain Dash on iPad. It's here.


You've been sitting on the edge of your seat. Waiting with bated breath. Hoping that the App Store won't crash and you'll get to install the app that will change your business. That will change your marketing. The wait's over.

There's been some silence... some distance even... maybe a little space... but no, we're not breaking up with you. We just were busy building  you the BEST PRESENT EVER.

Captain Dash has launched the iOS app. The big moment is here! This app, much like the revolution that was our Windows 8 app, will change the world of marketers as we know it.

We know the hardships that marketers face. Milan Kandera said, "Business has only two functions. Marketing. And innovation."  This statement cannot be more true. Here at Captain Dash we can see the revolution is not on the horizon, it is here, and it will not bypass marketers and their function, it will envelop them. And our tool helps them weather that storm and come out on top with faster insights, faster reflex time, and with less complicated lives. No hoops to jump through, no forms to fill out. Just press the center button on your iPad, open up Captain Dash, and see the world of your business, as it happens in real time.

Just try saying it. Out loud. It will sound incredible coming out of your own mouth. "My big data. Totally mobile. And in the cloud."

Let that become your marketing mantra and the Captain will help you tackle your problems head on. While always remaining sleek and well-designed, of course. [Because what marketer ever wants sloppiness?]

So go. Download the app. Install it, for free, start connecting sources, and explore. Your data will begin the day you install, so the sooner the better to get the most of the app. And in the meantime, don't be afraid to poke around the interface... press things you might not think are buttons... use the recommendations and filters section of widget details, etc. We want you to play, because that's how you'll enjoy!

But we won't leave you faithful blog readers hanging. Here's a fun gift, just for you.

The adventure continues