So you got Captain Dash... now what?

You heard, you downloaded, you conquered. Or at least, we hope!

We have had an outrageously amazing response to our app launch. We've had some exciting press coverage, including an article from TechCrunch, Rudebaguette, Les Echos,  and a spot in PCPro's listing of the 36 best iPad apps. We are continuously working hard to get the word out and get our app into people's hands.

But now, it's up to you, as users. As influencers. We have always been of the mind that our clients and customers and users hold the power in this relationship. We strive to create solutions that truly add value to the lives of our users, and thus we rely on you.

If you are enjoying the app, if you have been finding value in it, we urge you to share that value. Tell your friends, send a Tweet, write a Facebook post. Email us at to share your feedback, to share with us any changes you'd like to see, or new connectors that you need to run your business. Having issues with the app? You can send us a support request from inside the app itself, or you can write an email to Excited about what you've done with the app, take a screenshot and send it! We want this experience to be the best it can be.

Most of all, do not forget to rate and review the app in the App Store. Your ratings/reviews, along with any direct feedback, will drive where we evolve our application.

We want to know what you think!

Faithfully Yours,

Captain Dash

PS. And if you haven't downloaded yet- download here!