Democratization of Data Visualization

All for one and one for all! Does that motto work with the concept of data visualization? It should, if we're talking about the democratization of data visualization. Might be a mouthful, but it's an important subject in today's world brimming with dataviz solutions for marketers who want to see their important info in a visual way. Do they want someone else doing it for them? Or should they have the power in the palm of their hand?

There are many solutions out in the digital marketing world for managing analytics, business intelligence, big data, and data visualization. Captain Dash is one solution, Tableau, Datahero, are others, and there are many more ways that marketers can see their data. The differences between some of these solutions is the control and power allowed to the user. Some other firms have complete control over the visualizations they make for their clients, and create them based on client demand and specifications. This seems to frequently cause unnecessary miscommunications- client tells the firm they want this that and the other thing, the firm presents them with a visualization that shows that that and this thing. The client is unhappy, the firm didn't get it right, and a whole mess of back-and-forth ensues.

So why not give the client the power to control, add to, delete from, and change the look of their own visualizations?

Bill Franks wrote in this Harvard Business review article :

"While many users of the new visualization tools spend most of their time generating basic output, they get really excited about their new-found freedom to navigate the data and view it from any angle desired. While the graphics generated may be simple, users are much more confident that they contain the right content. The implication is that many organizations may not be getting the full benefit of their big data and visualization investments."

So it seems that the best way to get the most out of data visualization for these organizations, while retaining their ability to "see their data from any angle," is to invest in a solution that allows them control over what they create. If a user can create on-demand graphs of whatever metric they choose, reaction time for marketers can be that much quicker. If a user can create a visualization in the time it takes to send a request to their viz vendor, then the world will spin that much faster for that user. And in the end, isn't that the main goal? To make the world a smarter and faster place?

Put the capabilities in the people's hands, and watch insight grow.

Faithfully yours,

Captain Dash

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