5 things to do while Google Drive is down

Google Drive is down

Google Drive was down today for an hour or so, and we took to Twitter to see the damage inflicted by this seemingly harmless outage. Turns out, way more enterprises and high-profile Twitterers use Google Drive than we thought! The community was in a fit over the inability to access their files, and as a company that uses Google Drive, we understand why. So, we thought we'd compile a list of things you can do to pass the time while Google fixes the problem... Twiddling your thumbs is NOT on the list.

  1. Catch up on news.  Too often, workers get into the office or otherwise start their day with a routine of coffee, in our case croissant, and diving into emails and work. We miss big news stories or worldwide events. So, while Google Drive is down and you're otherwise incapacited, check out world news. Try to read some blogs that are on different subjects than what you're usually used to. Get educated!
  2. Go outside!  It is springtime, at least in our  neck of the woods, and Paris is downright GORGEOUS. So, take a break, go outside, grab a coffee, grab a smoke, do whatever, but breathe in fresh air. You might think that the exhaust that comes out of your computer is good air, but, er, you're literally breathing in dust. So, how about you breathe in the outside air instead.
  3. Check how your data is doing in the Captain Dash app! I mean... is this not the perfect time to see the growth of your Twitter followers or your click-through rate on your paid ads? Google Drive is down, man, so by opening up your dashboard, you're still focusing on work, just probably having more fun with it... And I mean, not to plug our app or anything, but download it here (iOS) and here (W8) if you haven't already...
  4. Manage your to-do list. Decide what you'll do when it comes back up, and make sure to cross of things on the list that you've done. There are few things more satisfying than crossing something off our to-do  lists. They include that first sip of perfect coffee, that first sip of great champagne, and the first bite into a tender steak. (Was that too French? Maybe...)
  5. Meditate. Okay, so this might be a little like twiddling your thumbs, but it's not! Meditating is different. Instead of sitting there and thinking endlessly about your documents and refreshing the page, just sit and shut your laptop and shut your eyes. Or, if you need to be less conspicuous about your brain turning off, keep your laptop open and put headphones in. If you're in Europe, you definitely have those gigantic noise-cancelling headphones. Just put them on. Chill out for a sec.

See? Plenty of things to do while the almighty Drive is down for the count. I'm sure you can think of a few more. We personally are inclined to #3, but that's just us...

Faithfully Yours

Captain Dash