It's Monday, and nearly Summer. More Importantly, Data Visualization is Growing...

We all don't like Mondays. You're after a jam-packed weekend, and you're tired. But here at Captain Dash we're full of life. Why? It's nearly Summer. Also, there are plenty of developments in Big Data that we are looking forward to. Here's why. As you already know, Big Data has become the buzzword of 2013. More and more people are investing in it and this year will see an explosion of new companies entering the industry.

According to Scott Gnau, President at TeraData labs, “the future of business belongs to those enterprises that embrace the big data analytics movement and use it to their advantage." If the sentiments of Mr. Gnau are anything to go by, this year could see a whole different approach into how people consume and manage their data.

'But Captain, what about Visualization? This must be a facet of the Big Data Revolution that companies will also embrace?' Of course, visualization is of equal importance. Besides all the pretty graphs and interface, it is worth noting that the main aspect of data visualization tends to get lost when just focusing on it's looks, rather than accurately representing data in a form most easily consumable by the viewer. Public Health & Development blogger Brett Keller gives an honest critique of what data visualizations should be more focused on, rather than just the color schemes. In referral to an infographic about mortality rates, he thinks that "raw numbers of deaths tell us very much, and can actually be quite misleading."

Are Dashboards and Data Visualizations going through a similar transition as Powerpoint did in the 90s? Ray Cha of articulates that there were a number of "factors required to transfer text into a digital medium." Furthermore, he believes that time wasted in the process of making presentations was "at the expense of thinking about and developing content." We certainly don't want to compare them both too much. Make use of your visualizations for what they are about, not how they look.