Data Analytics to make it BIG in 2013

Ah, Tuesday. The most productive day of the week, according to a survey taken by Accountemps. You know what else is productive? Marketers who know how to operate more efficiently. Meghan Keaney Anderson knows 27 ways Marketers can do this.

What's more, we have good news. It appears 2013 will see Marketers planning to spend more on data in 2013, and more than half percent say they’re planning to hire new employees for data/analytics jobs this year. This is according to a survey carried out by Data-Rich and Insight-Poor. 700 Marketers were surveyed and, what's more, it was found that website analytics, email campaigns and social media have become the preferred route for marketers generate their customer data, while display advertising, direct mail, print and telemarketing are not as effective.

With such brilliant news that more people will be looking to invest time into data analytics, it comes as no surprise to hear Gartner Research Vice President Kurt Schlegel state that "many midsize enterprises have yet to even start their BI and analytic initiatives, we expect the market for BI and analytics platforms will remain one of the fastest-growing software markets."

Are you ready to make it BIG in 2013? This is the year business moves from SaaS to Data as a Service. The world's data is doubling every year. If 5.1 billion people own a cell phone, not all of them are just consuming alone. Creation: Marketers will be able to benefit enormously from the large amount of data created from mobile users, thus making productivity more plentiful and intense. We can expect smartphones to be the epicenter of our lives in the years to come, from banking to tracking, social media to even starting a car. All of these factors will tie in with Marketers making use of the vast amounts of data being consumed and created around the globe in the coming years.