Windows 8 is NOT like New Coke

[Source: ZDNet]

Call us biased because we're the best business app on the platform [Source: Obvious Fact], but we do not agree with the countless comparisons to Microsoft's Windows 8 platform and New Coke. Yes, we can see from the above chart that Windows 8 has a teeny market share. Yes, it's been confirmed by Microsoft execs that there is a "steep" learning curve. But, New Coke? Really?

Windows 8 isn't anything like Windows XP, Vista (shudder), or 7. We all know that. It's a platform that is optimized for tablets, for touch-interfaces, and for people who aren't afraid of change. Yep, we said it. Many of the people that are clamoring for Microsoft to return to Aero are people who are afraid of change. Who are afraid of such a learning curve. They are ignoring the fact that the entire world is moving away from desktops and towards tablets. Microsoft released an innovative new risk, it just happened to be ahead of its time.

Yes, we can compare Microsoft to Coca Cola. Coca Cola was outrageously successful with a lead market share, and then competition from Pepsi kicked in and they were in trouble. Apple, anyone? So Coca Cola did some super secret market research (named Project Kansas, for you interested history buffs), and their findings turned up that people would respond favorably to a new formula for the popular drink- a sweeter formula. The reason that this new formula backlashed was a pointed aversion to change. Southerners felt that the original Coke formula was engrained in their regional identity, and that changing it was another step towards a more "Yankee" Coca Cola. Some Southern states even rioted because they were so against the change. In a time for the USA when change was viewed negatively by many, this is not surprising.

Knock knock! Who's there? 2013.

We're in an era now in which technological innovations and changes are welcomed, and above all, necessary. Microsoft isn't reformulating Windows 7, not killing off the older and sturdy OS that many have come to love, not ending support (although RIP XP). Microsoft simply released a new OS, with a revolutionary look and feel, something completely new. And we think (despite the Captain Dash bias), that this fact should be celebrated. Not compared to a marketing blunder.

There is a learning curve, it might be a little frustrating to use with a mouse and better for tablets, but that's where the world is heading anyway. Tablets will outstrip PC shipments by 72% in 3 years, according to Gartner. Windows 8 is an OS primed to ride this wave.

So, tech journalists of the world, Windows 8 is not New Coke!

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The Captain