On the Plus Side...

New statistics have recently revealed that time consumption on Google+ is still nowhere near that of Facebook, with an average of just  6 minutes 47 seconds spent in March, versus a whopping 6 hours and 44 minutes on it's counterpart. However, Google+ is rapidly making up for lost ground, and could soon overtake Twitter in becoming Number Two in the top Social Media sites.

Most of us began our social networking lives on Twitter and Facebook, as well as pursuing our professional endeavors on LinkedIn, but Google+ seemed to be slow to push it's way in. Though it got a lot of initial downloads given the company's good reputation, many felt it was lacking, in comparison with the simplicity of Facebook and Twitter. Facebook had all the ingredients to connect with friends, and what's more, reconnect with people you've lost contact with. Twitter allows you to sum up just about anything in 140 characters. Google+ on the other hand, enabled the user to partition certain people that they are connected with, hence the ''circles'' feature.

It's a sleeping giant, and it should definitely not be overlooked. There are constant developments with the site and, even now, the service offered allows users to synchronize nearly everything Google related, such as YouTube accounts and GMail. The ''hangouts'' feature have to be one of the most groundbreaking additions to the site, as it gives a more ''Community'' feel rather than just limiting your social networking to immediate friends. Through this relationships can be created between professionals who share similar hobbies and interests.

We've tweeted before how Google+ rocks at being a B2B Social Media Platform, and it seems it will continue to do so. So if you are starting a business in the immediate future, remember, Google is like the Swiss flag, it's a big Plus.