Just How Important Are Mathematics to Marketing?

Mathematics. Love them or loathe them, they impact you in more ways than you think.  At Captain Dash HQ, we love them. In a recent interview with German Start-Up Magazine N-Code, our CEO Bruno Walther believes "the marketing world is going to be radically transformed by mathematics." In technological innovation, marketing is needed both before and after the initial processes, first to establish what a targeted market needs, and then to appraise how much a proposed innovation is worth to that market. After knowing and understanding the market's needs, the next step will inevitably entail mathematical analysis too.

Much of what passes for imagination, innovation, and invention is actually perspiration, explorations, and painstaking elimination of the unfeasible and the unsuitable. Only after the needs of a targeted market are well analyzed and understood can unsuitable proposals be rejected before too late, freeing up time and pursue a successful design. It is more constructive for technically and mathematically sound personnel to collaborate with marketing people, and for those to accept such collaboration and, better, to know when to ask for it. This last point requires a little mathematical competency within the marketing department.

Like any significantly large business venture, Market-motivated Mathematics is a gamble:

  • It may show what you seek [landslide victory]
  • It may show what you seek is not to be had [partial victory]
  • it may fail to determine what you seek [draw].

So long as it enhances your overall enhancing of the issues, Mathematics cannot lose.

Chris Fell of G2M Solutions in Australia outlined in an article last year that:

"Smart marketers, equipped with the right tools, now have the ability to prove their worth through the calculation of marketing ROI."

As well as this, he went on to state that "B2B Marketing is about creating a lead engine that contributes to the momentum of the business. Without knowing your marketing maths you have no sense of the volume of marketing that is required to generate leads to feed the sales team." Interesting points, and food for thought for a lot of Marketers out there these days. Maths will play a vital role especially in the push to take control of Big Data, and Captain Dash hopes to be at the center of this revolution.

To conclude, untidy marketing cannot justify its market well enough to guide a technological development to a successful product, nor defend the customers against sloppy engineering. To go ahead accordingly, high-tech marketing departments need:

  • Continuing close association with technicians developing products.
  • Occasionally, access to independent mathematical competency


The Captain.