The Sixth Annual Hadoop Summit: 26/27 June, San Jose, Calif.

For those who haven't heard about the Hadoop Summit, it will commence tomorrow and Thursday in San Jose, California. It's theme this year is ''Maturation'', as it aims to highlight the application's reputation as a key component of the next generation of data architecture. As well as this, there will be a big emphasis on training, as it will help develop skills in the application.  We've chosen some talks to look out for at the Summit.

To begin, this is the Sixth edition of the Hadoop Summit in the Valley. It originally began with Yahoo! and Horton Works. Both have co-hosted over the years, and it remains to be the premier technology focused summit. John Kreisa, VP of Strategic Marketing at Horton Works, describes Hadoop as: "a large distributed system with lots of moving parts. A modern platform will have 10 or 12 open-source project as sub-components." Here are some of the talks we've highlighted as worth checking out:

Building Hadoop Analytics Applications by Russell Jurney

Russell Jurney, author of  "Agile Data", will speak briefly about what objectives need to be carried out in order to rapidly build Hadoop Applications. He will also go over the timing of the Hadoop ecosystem.

Hadoop Hardware @Twitter: Size Does Matter! by Joep Rottinghuis & Jay Shenoy

This talk will be about the Centralization v Federation of Hadoop hardware clusters in the enterprise. The pair hope to address some questions related to Twitter and the Hadoop clusters. It will definitely be interesting from a best practices perspective.

LinkedIn Member Segmentation Platform: A Big Data Application by Hien Luu

Given that LinkedIn was one the very first Big Data applications, this talk will be very app-driven. An interesting talk on a company that has monetized applications, and how to apply tools in Big Data to provide products to customers.

So there you have our picks for this year's summit, we didn't want to give too much away, and hope you enjoy it. If you want to watch it live, Hadoop have posted a live stream here.


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