iOS7: Now in Beta

The highly anticipated iOS7 has arrived in Beta format for developers to mess around with according to a recent article on TechCrunch. This can only one thing: we are getting ever closer to the launch of the full version across all iOS enabled products. From the previews we had seen before of it's more colorful, open (ahem! Windows 8) approach, will it ultimately deliver to Apple-lovers the world over?

Before, we witnessed the feud between Apple and Samsung fans (and the corporations themselves alike), however this drastic change to the interface and functionality has sparked controversy between Apple fans. Some respect the tradition upheld by Apple previously of incremental innovations to their hardware's interface, design, and functionality, and ultimately feel disheartened by having to learn an entire new functionality method. On the other hand, people are so blown away by such a bold move by Apple that they wait impatiently the new Operating  System to reach their screens.

If you haven't heard by now, the main talking point to the new iOS is the flat interface. The icons are flatly designed and almost psychedelic looking, and are certainly aimed at catching the eye. They have also implemented panels that open on top of apps and transparency effects that provide the user with reminders that apps still operate below. Further, when you tap in numbers for example, an illuminated background can be seen, which is one feature that definitely will impress. It seems to transition a lot smoother than it's predecessor, so maybe this will get past the negativity surrounding it's design.

Of the few that have actually managed to get hold of the new operating system, there have been some positive feedback. Jay Yarow of BusinessInsider was one of the lucky few and described it as "a cleaner look", and "it's a welcome refresh." Yarow's article goes in detail about the Operating System, outlining the negative connotations and looking at them with a deeper perspective. Some bloggers, such as Ian Storm Taylor, described the icons as "rushed" and "childish", as well as some in particular that have maintained their "unhelpful skeuomorphism."

Little remains until we all get the full experience of iOS7. Are you excited? Or do you feel disheartened by Apple's radical design? We'd love to hear your thoughts: tweet us @captain_dash.

Yours Faithfully,

Captain Dash