Battle Royale: Compare Metrics Across Dimensions to Gain Insights

Hello Dashers, we hope that you are enjoying your app. By this stage, we have added many updates to the app and hope that they haven't gone unnoticed. With our blog, we are going to try help you out as much as we can by answering questions and posting quick tutorials on everything related to the Captain Dash App. In this blog post, we will go over Battles, and how they can benefit you and your company!

Browser Battles involve using two dimensions that tell you what Browser is performing best for your company. For instance, taking the screenshot below as an example, we compared Chrome and Safari:

Each of the metrics used are traffic related: volume, and quality. You can see the duration of each visit, as well as their bounce rate. As you can see, Chrome smashes Safari, with Safari's only real advantage being a higher bounce rate. The two arrow button initiates another 'Battle', with which another browser can replace the initial one, and more insights can be gained.

Other battles that you can engage in are: -Hardware -Social Top 5 -Social -Visitor Type -Language Top 5 -Geography Top 5 -Desktop or Mobile -Country Battle

We aim on adding more to this list in the near future, and thus letting you be the decider on what best suits your company!


The Captain.