Tutorial: Using Filters for Google Analytics

Continuing on from last week's tips on using our Battles, this week we will show you how to use filters appropriately. Filters can help you differentiate between the different types of Web Traffic coming to your page, such as direct or indirect. They also allow you to filter the country of origin of specific visitors, if you wish to specify further your market.

The filters tab is currently only available for Google Analytics but will soon be available for all Social Media Platforms. They enable the user to go further in detail on widgets for locations, visits, bounce rates, time spent on each visit, new arrivals, and the number of first time visitors. In the example used below, we used Unique Visitors coming to the Captain Dash page. The filters we applied were France as the specific country and Direct Traffic as the form of Web Origin coming to our site:

The dates we decided to use were from August 11th to August 28th. With this handy tool you can get a clearer look into what nationalities are coming to view your site and in what manner also. Here's what the full visualization looks like:

There will be more filters applied to our app coming to you soon, for now though you can choose from these two dimensions, Geography and Web Origin. We hope this tutorial has been useful to you and check back in with us soon for more advice on how to use your Captain Dash App!

Yours Faithfully,

The Captain.