How to Add a Secondary Axis

They say it takes two to make a thing go right. Cheesy 80's songs aside, adding a second axis to your DataViz graph can help you view a graph from a different perspective. When done right, adding a second axis to the same chart area allows for a more colourful, richer, and compressed visualization. On top of adding another axis, you can also apply a different type of graph to make your visualization really stand out. Of course, we provide you with easy-on-the-eye colours so you can pick which ones are most suitable. Okay, let's begin. First, go to Explorer, and click the '+' button to add a source. In this example, we have chosen the number of visits to Captain Dash's homepage. The second we chose was the number of people talking about us on Facebook:

So from the screenshot above, you see the brown bars are the number of people talking about us, and the gold is for site visits. Next, click on either source, we chose 'site visits.' When the new tab opens up, you will see on the bottom right 'Left axis.' By tapping the L, it changes to right, thus giving you a secondary axis. Choose which one you would like as well as adding a different visualization:

As simple as that, you have added a secondary axis as well as a cool line graph:

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The Captain.