Social Media Marketer Trap


“It is not enough to have intelligence; the main thing is to use it well.” ~ Rene Descartes

More and more often in this age of technology everywhere and technological everything, we see people become so caught up with their genius gadgets and instant access to information that they forget to actually use their brains to apply this newfound knowledge.

Simply using a smart device does not make you smart. With so many tools at our disposal it’s more and more crucial for marketers, and in particular social media marketers, to apply their intelligence in order to see results.

An interesting conundrum that plagues marketers and especially social media marketers today is how easy it is to lose sight of their true job function and their ultimate goals. With so many social media outlets at our disposal, it’s immensely easy for marketers to fall into the trap of becoming trigger happy with social media. They get so caught up with building an online presence through engaging content, retweets, and page likes that they neglect their main goal- to reroute customers to their actual product.

Figuratively speaking, imagine this: A company spends a massive amount of time and financial resources creating a commercial- and it’s the best commercial ever. It’s captivating, witty, and memorable. People love it so much, in fact, that they watch it over and over and even burn it to DVDs so that they can continue to watch it into old age. However, there’s one problem: the commercial doesn’t actually advertise the company’s product.

This mistake may seem idiotic and elementary, but sometimes even the most seasoned social media marketers who can build an online presence of steel overnight forget that the underlying goal of their efforts is to reroute consumers to their product.

Social media marketing is free publicity and can be used to achieve extraordinary marketing results. But you must remember that although the adrenaline rush of shooting off a particularly brilliant tweet may sustain your endorphin levels, it won’t sustain your company. If your social media presence doesn’t help direct customers to your product or affect your revenues then it’s not worth the time or effort.

We are living during an amazing time- modern innovations in technology give us so many opportunities to access information in ways that even the past decade could have never foreseen. It’s our responsibility to do right by this privilege and use our brains, common sense, and a splash of creativity to figure out how to use these marketing outlets to the best of our ability.