How Big Data Will Change Your Company Culture


It's not a question of why, but of how. 

A company has two basic functions- to create a product and sell it.  With the Big Data Boom allowing companies to gain an accurate insight into the viability of their activities, the way that companies approach the latter function has been entirely revolutionized.

Traditional marketing practices dictated that a marketing division must use every platform possible to publicize the company and advertise the product- internet, TV, radio, billboards, taxi top adverts, etc.   Traditional marketers were blindfolded, shooting their advertisements off into the darkness. In the face of current data analytics capabilities, that school of thought has been rendered obsolete.

Now marketers have the analytics tools to be able to see all of their past activities spread out before them, qualified and valued. They are able to directly see which of their marketing efforts are futile and which are valuable- which campaigns were total busts and which marketing outlets affect the most revenue.

As a result, marketing departments become more streamlined. They stop spending money on activities that don’t directly contribute to their revenues. The company begins to trim their activities, cut costs, and approach advertising with a clear-cut, surgical precision. Traditional marketing practices aimed to TRY to help the consumer, but now they know they are absolutely able and designed to. They become completely customer-centric and now have the time and resources to try to find innovative ways to address the needs of the customer and advertise their product. The focus shifts from quantity of advertising campaigns to quality, creativity, and innovation. There are so many different advertising possibilities- merely in the realm of social media there are a  vast amount of platform possibilities and varying methods for advertising on each- examples are vine videos, posting news tweets, recording a company documentary on youtube, etc.

Big Data won't make your company an automated entity fueled by and relying on only numbers for direction. Rather, the deeper understanding of your companies' activities made available through advanced data analytics tools will shift its focus toward creative ways to optimize on the known-best-practices- namely creativity, innovation, and ingenuity.


Signing off!

Captain Dash