Content Dethroned: Design Takes Over

content_is_not_king Captain Dash here, ready to stir up trouble and threaten the bloodline of the Marketing Kingdom.

Food for Thought: is Content really King? It's true, content is absolutely crucial in boosting organic SEO and directing traffic to your site. But once you've led your consumer by the hand to your website, your job is hardly over. Online, you have about a second to grab your customers' attention before your bounce rate jumps higher than your anxiety levels. 


Your content can only get you so far. Once you've successfully lured someone to your website, you have literally the blink of an eye to keep them there. Consumers make snap judgments the moment they click on that little blue link, and it's essential that your website gives off a first impression that inspires trust or sparks interest.

Your website should be fast, visually appealing, not too crowded with content, and easily navigable. Your website should not be too sparse, too corporate, in grayscale (unless it's sleek and intentional) or display any features that are inconsistent with your brand image. It should absolutely not have any design flaws. Your website is a vital part of your online presence, an extension of your online voice, and the image that comes to mind when your consumers think about you. Your Tweets may show off your sense of humor, but your website shows off your style.

You want your website to soothe your consumers' nerves, placating their fears and rendering them docile in the face of the fact that they have found a worthwhile haven to spend the next half hour of their time- and hopefully some of their income. Unfortunately, there are countless ways that your website design can raise alarm bells and spook your customers.

Think about it like you would think about a spam email. Usually, the content seems about right - it looks like your bank is telling you that you need to need to give them a call about a problem that's come up with your account - but there's something a little off. Red flags that you can't quite see or point out yet you know are there exist in the subtleties its appearance.

A New Line of Order:

Content is only king of the realm that exists between typing in a search query and hitting enter. After that, website design and performance take over.