Hackweek 2014: The Secret Files

IMG_20140120_171124 So I know that you’ve been just starved for some Captain Dash news lately.

While you’ve been wondering about us, we’ve been thinking only of you. We want to thank you for your patience with us while we revamp the application, and we assure you that we’ve been busy little bees over here in Paris, working away to make sure that the new version of the Captain Dash application blows your mind.

What We've Been Up To...

Just a few weeks ago, the Captain Dash Paris team flew to the Captain Dash Tunis headquarters for a week of hardcore hacking.

On Monday morning, teams assembled.  Morale was high, caffeine levels through the roof, and the tension was palpable. Each team chose an open-source project to contribute to or decided to embark on an entirely novel venture with but a mere 110 hours on the clock to out-cool each other.

The teams worked incessantly, day and night, only ceasing to knock back espresso shots with quivering hands or steal small breaths of night air from out the back window. On Friday evening they presented the results of their tireless efforts.

The only winners of the competition were you, dear Captain Dash enthusiasts. A whirlwind week of dizzying creativity, caffeinated sweat, and shaking fingers clicking away at computers lent itself to some of the coolest new data viz and analytics projects that these eyes have ever seen.

Although I am sworn to secrecy to not reveal the details of the Hackweek Secret Files, I can tell you that the fruit of our labor yielded results that you’ve never heard of, though of, or even fathomed could exist. Let’s just say that when the new version of the application hits the App store in a few weeks, you’ll be on a sugar high for days from the dataviz eye candy that we’re about to throw your way.



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