Three years ago, we dreamed up a superhero and with him we designed his universe. On April 10th 2013, Captain Dash hit the iPad. It quickly rose to become one of the top-rated business apps in the App store, and within months we were named the People's Choice startup and  Most Promising Startup in Europe. We created our website as his universe, where his personality and attitude were brought to life through beautiful design and bright, splashy graphics. It won Website of the Year 2013.

One year later much has changed. The digital world is becoming too imbued with buzzwords, infographics, exaggerated design and superfluous features. Visuals, sparkles, animation and color do not put a cape on a superhero. Efficacy and performance are the true superpowers.

We are killing our website.

We think it's time to bring it back to basics. Our product finds its elegance in its power, functionality,  and utility. Our new website will be bare, minimalist, content-focused and product-centric.  This is our contribution to what is pure design today.

To bring superpowers to you, we have to bring the focus back to the product.  From now on, the Captain speaks for himself. If you want a peek into his universe, you'll have to give him a call.