Consistency is King: The Many Pitfalls of Inconsistent Branding

Many wise men quotes will tell you that moderation is the key to a healthy life, or prudence is crucial, or that slow and steady wins the race. All of these sayings hold the wisdom and truth that in matters of activities and life, balance and stability are worth striving for. However, the world of technology and entrepreneurship moves at a breakneck pace and it's nearly impossible to hold back. Treading carefully or "slow and steady" will only result in whiplash. In this world and industry, entrepreneurs are idea generating machines who often hurtle forward, ignoring the fundamentals and throwing away stabilizers in favor of lightning speed development. They don't realize that as their product development jumps forward and their ideas come to fruition, they have a tandem need for someone to put together the pieces behind them, building the brand around the service. The product or service is your company's life source - it makes you money. The brand is almost more important, the home in which the product rests, and is launched out of at the public, and in that sense the two are nearly synonymous.

So how do you successfully develop your brand and ensure its life in the market? Consistency, the magic principle that will gather your company under a single umbrella and allow you to present a cohesive front to your consumer market.


Colors People associate colors with a brand. An easy way to promote brand recognition is to choose one or two colors that will be present in every aspect of your digital presence.  If you make an application, for example, the colors on your application should be shared with your website, your blog, your Facebook picture, etc. The common colors will lead people to mentally associate these different factions with each other and tie together your digital realm.   For example, Captain Dash used to be very colorful and red stuck out- a classic superhero staple. We used similar red-dominant images as our twitter pictures, logo, website, and application screens. Now we've gone minimalist and clean with grayscale.

Be a Font Snob For some reason the font is an often underrated aesthetic choice, as it's nearly the medium through which you communicate. Times is more appropriate for IBM than for a digital marketing agency, just as Comic Sans is better thrown in a ditch and burned than used on any website, ever.  Choose a font you love then stick to it. There's nothing more confusing and unattractive than a website with modern blockish type and a blog with a feminine, curlycue font. Here at Captain Dash we're big Helvetica fans...can you tell?

Attributes and logos The ultimate brand recognition tool. Don't litter your logo all over the cybersphere; rather make it simple, memorable, and use it as an identity stamp to put on what's yours. Create several "images" associated with your brand and product and cycle through them to supplement your logo as needed.


The voice is the medium through which your brand communicates and it's absolutely essential that it's consistent. Create your voice by creating a persona for your brand. Is your brand quirky, a bit nerdy but edgy and forward thinking? Then your brand personality could be a 24 year old graphic designer from Sweden named Hans who likes to drink PBR and grow out his beard. Is your brand all about rugged travel, exploration, and adventure? Then your brand personality could be a 35 year old Scottish adventurer named Alistair who likes the smell of worn leather and whiskey.

What sort of content would interest Hans? What would Alistair want to read about? Make sure that you develop a voice and then stick to it. Ideally the voice will not be too far from your own - after all, your company is a result of your own work, and as an aside, you don't want your content to sound strained and forced. However, it's best to distinguish between yourself and your social media voice so that when you have a bad day, your Twitter account doesn't have a bad day too.

After developing a voice for social media and a brand identity, stay consistent! Avoid these common but deadly mistakes:

1. Having an overly corporate website paired with a young, fun product and social media voice. You probably think you're cool, so you should want to show your consumers that you're cool too. If you don't have the know-how or resources to create a cool website than invest in or find someone who can. A cold, plain website damages credibility and spooks consumers.

2. Getting carried away with social media informality. Snoop Dogg tweets may get a lot of action but that doesn't mean yours would too. "Yo yo yo our new product is out #@%*$!!! Weeeerd." just sounds just weird. Do not tweet like a rapper. Tweet like a company that is interested in your specific industry.

3. Irrelevant content  This one is hard, because there's often a fine line between appropriate content and white noise. Sometimes you may not want to only tweet about your company or industry. If you're a tech company don't feel like you need to hide your bitcoin obsession - it's perfectly fine to tweet about industry-related interests. In fact, oftentimes quirky interests help humanize a brand. The key here is to watch out for drowning your community with irrelevant, random content and articles.

4. SMDID- Social Media Dissociative Identity Disorder The point of social media is to reach your company's arms out into the community and give every person a virtual high-five. Be careful to connect your content back to your company every so often. Let your network know of any big news in your universe, whether it be product updates, office news, a special milestone, etc. If your social media presence just shoots out random content and articles, you risk it becoming disconnected from the brand itself.


Liken your consumer to a delicate grazing deer. Make sure that a common thread of consistent aesthetics and voice runs between all aspects of your digital presence in order to make your brand and product offering as straightforward and clear as possible to consumers. If this thread becomes severed or strained, your entire marketing effort will shatter and your network will spook and scatter.

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