An Ode to Sexy Data

Here at Captain Dash we believe that data can be sexy if you kill the columns and the rows.
So what is sexy? 
Sexy doesn't need to be mysterious or overly complicated. It doesn't try so hard as that...
Sexy is persuasive in its simplicity, powerful in its purity, compelling in its veracity.
We pull your data from its various vaults, lift it from obscurity and let constraints fall away.
We design it and shape the variety into a single form that harmonizes with perception and understanding.
We make it tactile, malleable and flexible, interactive and reactive, changing shape and form with the fluidity of your business.
We weave it into visualizations to reflect your story, intertwining insight in the curve of a line and revealing patterns in the dip of a bar.
We marry creativity and mathematics into the precision art of data science, but above all, we make data exploration feel like a privilege, not a chore.